Are you looking to raise capital?

Need help with capital structure and fundraising? Catena Capital is here to take you on the capital raise journey.

Catena Capital

Capital advisory

Catena Capital provides capital advisory services to help you optimize your capital structure and make informed decisions.

<span>Capital advisory</span>

Equity crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding is an amazing way to raise capital for scaleups. There is a proven methodology for success. If you follow the methodology and commit to the process you will raise capital.

We have been involved in the equity crowdfunding sector since 2019 and we know how to run a successful equity crowdraise.

<span>Equity crowdfunding</span>

Wholesale capital raise

Raising capital from private investors, including Family Offices and Highnet worth individuals requires a lot of planning, time and money. We have a proven process for success.

Talk to us to find out more?

<span>Wholesale capital raise</span>

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